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  • How to Download,Install and Uninstall Norton Product?

    Norton security suite is undoubtedly the world most trusted antivirus solution for any of the Windows PCs and other computing devices. It is the best antivirus application catches viruses and malware while downloading the files, emails, and blocks if finds any. Its many effective tools run in the computer background and keep a close watch on any suspicious infiltration attempt to spread the virus into your system. Having such a robust security suite is really great but you might face the glitches with this while getting it for your computer. Therefore, Norton Support assists you with a complete way to get it from its website, install and uninstall if it creates the problem.

    1. Download the Norton antivirus software

    • Before being a full-time user of this security suite, you would like to use its free trial to access its performance. Usually, it offers the free 30 days trial of the full product with no obligation. You can download Norton Setup it “”. If you have already its account then hit the “Sign in” button, if you don’t have an account then creates it by filling the relevant information.

    • Click the option “Download” in the Norton setup window. If you are having product key then enter and continue, click “Agree and download”. For more than one product choose the product you want to download and then click “Continue”.

    2. Installing the security software

    Navigate to the downloaded file, select and right-click on the Norton setup and then click “Run”. If you are the user of Firefox then view the downloaded file by clicking the top-right corner of the window on the download section. Click “Continue” when the user control window appears, follow the on-screen instruction.

    3. Uninstall the security suite

    Just move to the control panel and click “Uninstall the program”, the complete list of the installed program will open, select its product from there and click “Uninstall”. You can also use some of the other software for completely uninstall and remove the product from your computer such as IObit uninstaller.

    Our technical Support provide the complete solution for each of its glitches

    Following this procedure is as simple as you think, but sometimes it becomes tougher in case of some additional glitches and in that case, it is better to get the assistance from the security experts at Norton support Canada. Just dial our toll-free Norton customer support number +1-844-478-5758 and get a complete guidance for each of your issue you face with this security system.