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  • Easy Way to Activation and Upgradation Norton Antivirus

    To get the best out of Norton antivirus it is necessary to have Norton antivirus downloaded onto your computer system and activated. You can even download the free trial if you haven’t ever used Norton but it is advisable to have Product activated to enjoy full security features.

    1. Firstly know the product key which you will get on your email if you have purchased the Norton online or otherwise you will get the product key within the box on a paper or saved in a CD, if you have purchased the physical copy from the Store.

    2. Now Launch Norton antivirus on your computer system. Whenever you will download it online or download it through a CD, an icon will appear on your desktop. Double click on that icon and Norton window will get open.

    3. In the new window, you will see yellow-colored "Renew" option at the centre-bottom of the window. Hit it.

    4. Again at the centre of the window, there is a blue colored link "I have a key or code to enter". Click on it.

    5. There is a box where you need to enter the product key that you got either on email or in the box while purchasing physical copy.

    6. Once the key is entered, click on "Next".

    7. "Activation and Registration Complete" box will appear. Click on "Close" situated at the right-bottom of the window.

    8. Activate norton process is complete.

    Our technicians at Norton Customer Care are efficient, knowledgeable and a phone call away. For step by step assistance pick up your phone and call Norton Support Number Canada +1-844-478-5758.