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  • How Do I Remove Norton From Windows 10?
  • How Do I Remove Norton From Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft. Since it is the latest OS in the market, therefore, most of the gadgets which are new in the market are offering the same OS by default with their system while configuring it. Almost all gadgets, starting from PC, laptop, android phones, etc are installed with Windows 10 OS. Since the features of the operating system is also getting a lot of popularity because of the efficiency it has, but when customers are seeing that their Norton antivirus is not compatible to their laptop or PC, it is getting a bit of paradox for users.

    Keeping the vast features and uniqueness in mind, the users in this case, are bidding goodbye to the Norton antivirus software. In the meanwhile, there are many users, who are failing to even remove the application when it is not working properly. Norton Antivirus Support comes to the rescue to illustrate the process of removing Norton antivirus from Windows 10:

    Since the primary purpose of this application is to detect the Norton software and completely remove it from your system, therefore, this will solve your trouble easily.

    • Go to the official website of Norton and download the Product Removal Tool, it is used for uninstalling Norton.
    • Run and install the file that follows in the procedure.
    • After installing, run the file and the software itself will remove the antivirus forever.

    Not all of the versions need to be removed because many versions of the antivirus are not working properly with Windows 10 or crashing thoroughly, for those users, the above method would result helpful in those cases. After going through these steps, if the problem stays determined on your system, call Norton Support Number and enquire about the matter. Our engineers will surely look into the matter and resolve the issue.